Half day tour of Pyramids and Sphinx

From $48 Explore the timeless wonders of the Pyramids and Sphinx


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Embark on an unforgettable half-day adventure with Art of Travel as we take you on a magical journey to explore the timeless wonders of the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and awe-inspiring beauty of these iconic landmarks as our expert guides weave tales of ancient civilizations and share fascinating insights.

With Art of Travel, you’ll experience a seamless, hassle-free tour that showcases the very best of these magnificent treasures. Step back in time and create cherished memories with Art of Travel’s Pyramids and Sphinx tour.





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Make yourself comfortable, comfy shoes, shorts, jeans, casual pants and T-shirts are ok during Summer, though during Winter (December to March) casual pants or jeans with a pullover or jacket might be needed. Still keep in mind that Egypt is a Middle Eastern country where people are not used to excessive bare skin showing clothes like hot shorts, micro skirts or swimming attire might not be respectful to the culture. Don’t forget to bring your hat in all seasons!

There is no need to book your camel ride in advance, camels are always available and your guide could help you with getting a decent ride during the tour.

First let us explain that you actually don’t walk inside a pyramid, you are nearly crawling as the height of the ceiling through the passage is around one meter. It might not be suitable for ones who have heart problems, knees or back problems, respiratory problems, or claustrophobic. Each Pyramid has its own ticket for different prices. Below are the prices in year 2023

The Great Pyramid of Khufu   600 EGP (approx. 20 USD)

Middle Pyramid of Khafre       150 EGP (approx. 5 USD)

Small Pyramid of Menkawre   150 EGP (approx. 5 USD)

Children under 12 years buy half priced tickets