Lake Nasser Cruise

3 nights/ 4 days from $499


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Embark on a truly captivating adventure as you set sail on a 4-day cruise on Lake Nasser, from Abu Simbel to Aswan. This unique journey will take you through the heart of Egypt, offering breathtaking views of the tranquil lake and the surrounding majestic landscapes. As you glide along the azure waters, you will be transported back in time, passing by ancient temples and archaeological wonders that showcase the rich history and culture of this remarkable land. Imagine waking up to the golden rays of the sun illuminating the colossal temples of Abu Simbel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and stepping ashore to explore these awe-inspiring structures. As you continue your voyage, you will have the opportunity to visit the Temple of Amada, the Kalabsha Temple, and the fascinating Nubian Museum.

The cruise also includes stops at the stunning Wadi El Seboua temple and the incredible temple complex of Dakka and Maharraqa. Immerse yourself in the stories of pharaohs and queens as you uncover the mysteries of ancient Egypt in each temple you visit. As the sun sets over the tranquil lake, indulge in delicious Egyptian cuisine and relax on the comfortable decks of the cruise ship, enjoying the gentle breeze and the serene surroundings. This unforgettable journey on Lake Nasser promises a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and relaxation, creating memories to be cherished for a lifetime.





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Make yourself comfortable, comfy shoes, shorts, jeans, casual pants and T-shirts are ok during Summer, though during Winter (December to March) casual pants or jeans with a pullover or jacket might be needed in Aswan!

Still keep in mind that Egypt is a Middle Eastern country where people are not used to excessive bare skin showing clothes like hot shorts, micro skirts or swimming attire might not be respectful to the culture.

Don’t forget to bring your hat in all seasons!

You can book a camel ride at several visits during your cruise program, your guide will help you with that.

Yes sure, on the first night on the cruise while docked in Abu Simbel. You could buy tickets to Abu Simbel Sound and light show from the tickets office which is a few minutes walk from the cruise dock, your guide can also assit you in getting them.